FCP&K Teachers


Contacts for FCP&K:

Our staff is carefully selected because of their special gifts, spiritual values, abilities, training and education; as well as their desire to make a difference in the lives of children. Each staff member plays an important part in creating an outstanding educational environment for children. Together we strive for excellence based on respect, patience, honesty, loyalty, friendship and a love for children.

Here is a list of our teachers:

Ms. Paulette Landrum
2 ½ ‘s M/W & T/TH

3’s Class
3’s M/W & T/TH

Ms. Becky Jordan
3’s M/W/F & T/TH

Ms. Leslie Rains
4/5’s M/W/F & T/TH

Ms. Nichole Horan
4/5’s M-TH

Ms. D’Lynn Anderson
4/5’s T/W/TH

Ms. Sue Hawbaker
4/5’s T/W/TH

Ms. Ashley Glader
4/5’s T/TH (full day)

Ms. Laurie Baxter
Jr. Kindergarten M-TH

Ms. Kim Harris
Kindergarten M-F