We Embrace Generous Giving


Giving Generously isn’t about money. It’s about life transformation.

The Bible teaches us to give regularly, gladly and generously. It’s a tangible way for a person to worship God and to put Him first. The result is amazing! Your generosity will change lives – yours and others.
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(Use a checking account whenever possible. On average, the fee FBC pays for debit/credit cards is 12x as much)


Giving Generously isn’t a transaction. It’s a relationship.

God doesn’t need our money, rather He desires the full affection of our hearts. When we generously give, it’s a tangible way we show that our relationship with God is the top priority in our life.

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Giving Generously isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a lifestyle.

We learn from the Bible that God gives love, grace and salvation to us in a generous manner. He is a generous giver! We want to be generous givers in all aspects of our lives, like our Heavenly Father. The following options are available to help you incorporate giving as a lifestyle.

  • Collection of an offering in each Sunday worship service
  • Online scheduled giving
  • Stock giving
  • Text giving
  • Estate planning

We would love to help you with any of the giving options above! Give us a call at 303-904-4322 ext. 233