What We’re About

“Helping People Be Faithful Followers of Jesus Christ”

Foothills Bible Church exists to glorify God by helping people be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. We do this primarily through:

The History of Foothills Bible Church from 1971 through 2013

Foothills Bible Church began in 1971 with six families who came together, meeting in homes, believing the Lord wanted to plant a church on the outskirts of Littleton, Colorado. There were years of simply praying together, studying the Bible and caring for one another. The fellowship grew and they rented space at a local Bible college. In 1978 they took a giant step of faith and built the first phase of a church building on West Belleview Avenue. Pastor Bill Oudemolen became the Senior Pastor of FBC in 1985. In 1987, as new families came to the church, FBC doubled the size of the Belleview facility with a classroom addition.

By the early 1990s, the crowded parking lot, overflowing sanctuary, and packed Sunday school rooms made it obvious it was time to build again. In 1992 the church held its first capital stewardship campaign, Joy of Increase, giving over $972,000 during the three-year program. The property on Belleview would not support a larger church building, so a plan was made to find a new location.

In 1994 the church purchased 37 acres at West Bowles and C-470 for $360,000. The church continued to grow and the original facility requirements needed to be larger than the projections made in 1992. Obviously the money raised through Joy of Increase would not meet the need of this growing congregation.

In 1994 Pastor Bill developed a multi-page “Dream Statement” that became a guiding document for FBC. He set a course of action to become a church that “reached 10% of the population in a 10 mile radius in order that 1000 people would come to know Jesus Christ by the year 2000.” This goal became known as “1000 by 2000.”

In October of 1995 a second stewardship campaign, Reaching New Heights, began, with the congregation pledging $1.4 million. In November the congregation voted in favor of approving the possible sale of the Belleview property for $1.3 million and to issue $3.8 million in church bonds for the expansion. The cost to build the new facility was $6 million.

The building on Belleview sold and the groundbreaking ceremony for the new site was held in July of 1996. The Lord provided the funds and many volunteers to make the new church building a reality. On September 7, 1997 the first service was held in this new facility.

The church experienced a 20% growth spike in the first year of moving to the new building. In 1999 the church held another stewardship campaign called Imagine the Future. The congregation pledged $1.9 million over three years to continue paying on the bonds, finish the building to the south and the main kitchen. In 2000 the church proudly opened the students’ facility, naming it The SHED.

In January of 2000 another exciting milestone was reached. The dream of reaching 1000 people to Christ by 2000 was a reality. In this same year a new vision was introduced for the church. The vision was “to become a growing Bible-based church that God used to transform people by connecting them with Jesus Christ and each other.”

In 2002 the elders decided to hold another stewardship campaign, the fourth in 12 years. This campaign, Touching Lives in 3D, helped continue to fulfill the mission and vision of FBC.

In 2005 God stirred again as He moved through our Elders and Leadership teams to refresh our mission: FBC – “A family upward, inward and outward!” as well as a vision for qualitative and quantitative growth.

In 2013 a Strategic Planning initiative group was formed to create a new vision for the church to reach the next generation. As a result of this vision three distinctives were established: Worship in the Word (W2), Serving and Sharing (S2) and Growth Groups (G2).

What is the thread through this entire story? It is God’s work! From start to finish, He has been the one to provide the path, inspire the people and call them to renewal found in His Son. Foothills Bible Church lives today due to His grace.