Our Approach to Ministry

The Staff Leadership Structure: Ministry Lead Team (MLT)

ministry-approach-lgWe have organized around five key ministry functions. They are worship, community, outreach, family and equipping. Each of these is integral to accomplishing our vision.

The diagram to the right shows visually how we believe the five functions overlap and complement each other. This has given rise to a Ministry Lead Team (MLT) concept designed to place responsibilities with both ministry leaders and the team as a whole. This replaces the more traditional ministry department (silo) model.

Worship. As a function of our church, this occurs programmatically primarily on Sunday mornings by attending one of our worship services.

Community. This occurs in “Growth Groups”, our small group ministry of the church.

Outreach. Both local and global outreach are an ongoing function of our church. We would also include individual acts of service inside and outside our church as outreach.

Family. This includes both the supporting ministries of children and youth in our church.

Equipping. These are the ongoing short training classes we offer a few times a year to equip and support the body for living the Christian life.