2017 GO Trips

Every year FBC tries to offer a variety of GO Trips for people to serve individually, as a family or as a G2. We view GO Trips as the ultimate S2! God called us to serve those around us and to share the truth about Him. If you are interested in participating in a GO Trip, please complete the online application.

  • If this is your first GO Trip, Click here to apply.
  • If you have participated on a GO Trip in the last 2 years, click here to apply and update your information.

GO Trip Opportunities 2017

Hurricane Relief GO Trip

Location: Houston, Texas
Purpose: This cross-generational team will serve alongside local churches, including a small Baptist church pastored by a Cambodian refugee, to serve a Cambodian community with hurricane clean up and rebuilding. The trip will also provide opportunities to share the Gospel.
Dates: Thanksgiving Week: November 18 – 25, 2017. We will be driving and staying in host homes.
Team Leaders: Richard and Kathy Rinta and Kaylee Vannice
Team Size: TBD
Team Skills Needed: A willingness to serve. We are looking for helping hands and skilled laborers ages 12 and up.

Care Direct Team

Mature, outreach minded FBC individual(s) will travel to visit “face to face” with FBC GO workers. Their objective will be to encourage, serve and build up the GO workers and to bring back a report with regards to how they are doing in ministry from first hand experience.