Sermon Archives

A topical series preached spring of 2016

Join us as we take a look at the events surrounding Christ’s death and the mysterious ways God has used this event to reconcile lost sinners back to Himself.

The Book of Jude, preached Winter 2016

Jude’s letter not only tells us how to contend for our faith, but also to watch out for those ‘creeping’ into the church to spread false doctrines and turn others away from the Truth of Jesus Christ. This series shows us how to identify ‘creeps’ and how to deal with them when we find them in our churches.

The book of Daniel preached Fall 2015

Daniel’s stories are often taught in Sunday school to children to show how great God is. Let’s dig deeper into the life of Daniel and how God provided and protected this great young man of faith throughout his time on earth.  We will see how  his prophecies align with history and what is coming in the future.  Throughout this series we will learn how to thrive in current times and those yet to come!

A topical series preached Winter 2015

Join us for our Advent sermon series as we look at the mysterious way God chose to send His Son for our salvation

The book of Romans preached 2007-2009

Join us for our two year study through the book of Romans.

The book of 2 Corinthians preached 1985-1986

One of Pastor Bill’s fist sermon series as lead pastor of Foothills Bible Church.